WIAW #53

Hi everyone! How is this week going for you so far? I finished up my summer job at the hospital early, so I have this week off before heading back to school. It’s been nice to have some time to relax. And by “relax”, I mean “cook”. Stay tuned for some recipes coming up in future posts!

I’ve also been focusing on eating lots of fruits and vegetables this week after a rather indulgent weekend.

There was lots of good food consumed and no regrets, but I’ve been feeling a need to get in a good dose of veggies. So this week’s What I Ate Wednesday features what I’ve been eating to get back on track!

Homemade brown rice sushi stuffed with fresh Ahi tuna, avocado, carrots and cucumber.

Homemade brown rice sushi

Brown rice, seared Ahi tuna, kale massaged in sesame oil, carrots, avocado, and sesame seeds.

Brown rice, seared Ahi tuna, kale massaged in sesame oil, carrots, avocado

Bulgur and chickpea salad [Bulgur, chickpeas, tomatoes, red peppers, cucumber, parsley, feta cheese, lemon juice and olive oil].

Bulgur and chickpea salad

Banana oatmeal with blueberries stirred in, topped with homemade granola and soy nut butter

Banana oatmeal

Cajun tofu bowl

Cajun tofu bowl

Simple last minute dinner of roasted sweet potato, roasted broccoli, and a Morningstar veggie burger topped with avocado. With ketchup of course!

What do you eat when you want to get back on track?

What’s your favourite last minute dinner?


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  1. Homemade sushi? I'm coming for dinner!!! Yum!

  2. Cajun tofu bowl mmmmmmmm That looks great!I think my favorite last minute dinner is scrambled eggs with salsa– easy and delicious for a lazy kitchen girl like me haha

  3. Oh wow your homemade sushi is so photogenic!!

  4. Wow, you are so good at making your own sushi, it looks store bought! Everything looks really tasty, your roasted sweet potato looks like it is cooked to perfection :)

  5. TEACH ME YOUR AHI TUNA WAYS! It intimidates me to cook with because I don't want to ruin it, but its my all time favorite thing to order when I'm feeling fancy. Everything looks AMAZING. Seriously. I'm making that Cajun tofu bowl TODAY. I have a big ol' block just waiting to be spiced up. Kudos my dear.

  6. Can't believe you made that sushi! That is awesome! When I need to get back on track I load up on the veggies and lean protein, plus drink tons of water! Always does the trick!

  7. When I get back 'on track' I use the heck out of my Juicer :) I feel like a good juice cleanse for like 2 days always makes me feel spectacular.

  8. You make your own sushi?? AMAZING!! My favorite last minute dinner is using the crockpot… Which is currently ON! I guess it's not totally last minute since it has to be done in the morning or a few hours before, but to me it feels last minute since you just throw a bunch of stuff in!

  9. You are such a healthy eater so your off track still seemed pretty on track ;) but that being said, I know what you mean. I fill my plate with lots of leafy stuff whenever I get home after a trip! Cleansing :)

  10. Bec

    Ooooh your dinner looks fantastic – sweet potato and avocado, you can't go wrong! I've never tried eggs with my oats before, but everyone recommends it, so I may have to try it. Love the sushi as well!!! I should definitely try making some :)

  11. So much avocado awesomeness going on here, nice use of them! The dinner looks the best here, sweet potatoes are always a good idea, and then add the avocado= perfection :)

  12. WOW ! all your dishes look so appetizing and bright! eat a rainbow, right?? happy wiaw to you

  13. i've been trying to get my veggies in as well! I need to try making homemade sushi it looks so darn good..and a whole lot cheaper than sushi at a restaurant!

  14. I love that you made your own sushi, that is on my foodie bucket list.

  15. Your food always looks amazing!! Ummm, can you make me sushi? k thanks :)

  16. All of your meals look delicious, girl! Way to get back on track in style :D After being a little bit more indulgent, I find that my body tends to start craving pretty simple foods, so I end up eating a lot of salads with grilled chicken, fruit with yogurt, and snacking on veggie plates with some sort of dip. As for quick dinners, that really depends on if I have leftovers or not. If not, and I'm really starving, then I just settle for some sort of sandwich or wrap made with whatever I can scrounge up in my fridge. And if that doesn't work, then a big bowl of cereal will usually do the job until I can go shopping :)

  17. Um wow, can I please hop on whatever train is riding on your track? Hahah that sounded inappropriate. But seriously girl, these meals look out of this world. Homemade sushi? You are a maestro! And the chickpea bulgar mix reminds me of beefed-up tabbouleh. Or shall I say chickpead-up? So yum.

  18. Glad you got some time of to yourself.

  19. bulgar and chickpea salad sounds so good!! When i'm trying to get back on track I do a lot of salads. You just put the idea of a sweet potato in my head though, so I definitely need to pick some up!!

  20. I'm having one of those weeks too…Indulging is awesome, but it leaves feeling like I need to clean up the eats a little bit.Wanna teach me how to make sushi? I've never tried to make it at home!

  21. I love sticking to simples meals to get back on track. Nothing fancy, just REAL food. Your dinner is a perfect example of this, just whole food prepared simply :)

  22. Ok, so I'm seriously tempted to try making sushi at home, yet at the same time I'm seriously scared that it's a hard task. Please tell me it was super easy so I can get over my fear and just try doing it lol.

  23. Oh goodness Chelsea, your meals always look the best!!! Seriously, that sushi! Tofu bowl! Bulgur salad! Holy yum.

  24. Yum- that sushi looks awesome! And chickpea bulghur salad is one of my favorites. Looks like you're back on track!

  25. Can you post your sushi recipe?! Please:):)

  26. I eat veggies and lots of them.

  27. I'm loving all the avocado in this post! And the kale of course too. It always feels so great to get back into your healthy eating routine after enjoying foods a bit out of the norm.My go-to quick dinner is a tofu scramble w/ spinach, mushrooms, nooch, coconut oil, and spices! So easy and satisfying. :-)

  28. The lighting in your photos is always perfect (haha, just something I've noticed!) and everything always looks so delicious. You make me so hungry!!

  29. I'm jealous of all of your meals! Yum@

  30. Your homemade sushi looks so good! Whenever I make it it looks like some seaweed and rice failure. Also, I love putting feta cheese in salad-type things! So many noms.

  31. That bulgar & chickpea salad looks awesome!

  32. I'm so excited to have dinners with you again bff :)

  33. Oh my gosh, your WIAW's are the BEST! :D

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