Margaritas restaurant

This week I visited Toronto. Again. At this rate, I might as well just live there! Actually, I’m seriously considering going to Toronto for my dietetic internship for next fall. It’s got everything I want all in one city: hospitals with reputable internship programs, friends who live there, amazing restaurants, shopping, a good art and entertainment scene… the more I visit, the more I want to live there!

This week I went to see a few friends. First I met up with Laura, who I met in my nutrition program. We took the same bus on our first day of classes and have been friends ever since! I haven’t seen her all summer though so we got some Starbucks and walked around King Street while catching up.

After, I met up with my old roommate Jill and walked around Toronto some more. We tried to find Little Italy, but we were unsuccessful in our search, so instead we ended up at Kensington Market. It’s an area with vintage shopping, fresh outdoor produce and meat markets, and lots of good hole-in-the-wall restaurants.

Kensington Market Toronto

After almost 3 hours of walking we were joined by our high school friend Sonia for dinner. We decided to go somewhere on Baldwin Street, but we took forever to choose a restaurant! Is anyone else like that when it comes to deciding where to eat? Eventually we narrowed it down to Margaritas restaurant, a Mexican restaurant if you couldn’t already guess from the name!

Margaritas restaurant Baldwin Street Toronto

I haven’t eaten at a Mexican restaurant in ages because they just aren’t very popular where I live, so I was really excited for my meal. We started off by splitting the homemade nachos and guacamole – always a must!

Margaritas Restaurant Baldwin Street Toronto

I had a hard time deciding on my entree so I asked the waiter for his suggestion, and he recommended the fresh fish tacos: 3 soft corn tortillas filled with grilled tilapia, served with guacamole, lime, and hot taco sauce.

Margaritas Restaurant Baldwin Street Toronto

I’ve never had fish tacos before, so I have nothing to compare them to, but they weren’t as amazing as I was expecting. I still cleared my plate, but I probably wouldn’t order them again. The guac was good though! And so was the company of course.

Do you like Mexican food? What’s your favourite thing to order at Mexican restaurants?


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  1. I love Toronto, but you're a braver girl than I to want to live there! Too big/terrifying to my small-townness :-)Just had Mexican for dinner last tasty! I'd be hard pressed to choose between Mexican and sushi for my favourite type of restaurant. Usually, I order guacamole even before I sit down at a Mexican restaurant. Just seems required :-)

  2. So delicious, love some good mexican food especially when it is fresh. Sounds like a great trip!

  3. Fish tacos is always a good choice :)

  4. Ohh I love fish tacos. And all mexican food! It looks like you had a fun outing :)

  5. you should totally apply for dietetic internships in Toronto! As for mexican food umm not gonna lie, I’m not a fan haha. Spanish food and South American food are a go, but not mex. I will say that homemade guac IS pretty awesome though!

  6. I haven't ever really been to a Mexican restaurant??? And yes, you SHOULD live there hehe

  7. I love Toronto! Its one of my favourite cities. I would definitely look for an internship there! Mexican food is always a good choice!

  8. I really like mexican food, but have never had fish tacos! Anything that comes with salsa is delicious to me :)Yay for visiting Toronto again, you've still got to find yourself to a Fresh restaurant! :)

  9. Haha I think I'd have to choose sushi as my favourite… I can't even go a week without it!

  10. I haven't really eaten a lot of Spanish or South American food before… I'm really curious to try them now though!

  11. It's one of my favourite cities too!

  12. Whaaat? Really?! We should go to one in London! :)

  13. I loove Mexican food although it's been far too long since I've gone to a Mexican restaurant! I usually make Mexican at home at least 2-3 times a weeks…the last Mexican meal I made was taco mince (made from TVP), salad, roasted squash, guac, salsa and homemade wraps made out of oats!

  14. I'm sorry your fish tacos were mehh because made right they are amazing! Give em another go somewhere else :)

  15. I most definitely know what you mean about taking a long time to decide where to eat! It happens ALL the time. ;) Mexican is one of my favorite cuisines (I grew up on fresh tacos and quesadillas, living in Southern California) though, so I think you made a good choice. I mean, how can you go wrong with guacamole?! ;) Bummer about the fish tacos–they are usually SO good! I agree with candycrazerun; please don't give up, they're worth trying again! Hope you enjoyed the rest of your weekend! xoxo <3

  16. Sounds like you had a great time in the city!! I've never been to Toronto, but if I ever make it up there I will have to check out that restaurant!! I love anything in corn tortillas!

  17. i always get either vegetarian enchiladas or veggie fajitas at mexican restaurants. love mexican!

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