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As a self-professed foodie, I admit that I think about food a lot. What recipes to try next (Jamie Oliver’s mushroom risotto is at the top of my list), what kind of sauce to make to pair with my pork tenderloin, what new products I want to try (miso paste), what I should buy at the farmer’s market this week (fresh peas!), etc. It sounds exhausting, but it’s just who I am!

Yet since starting my summer job, I’ve been thinking about food less and less. I just don’t have the time! I find myself throwing together last minute lunches and scavenging through the fridge after my shifts to see what leftovers I can reheat for dinner – leftovers that I didn’t even make myself! It’s actually a really strange feeling. I’m not used to eating food at home that I haven’t cooked myself.

Yesterday I was volunteering and working from 1 pm – 8:45 pm, so for this week’s What I Ate Wednesday I’ve got a lot of easy snacks, fast meals, and leftovers in my day!

Breakfast was the only meal that I actually had time to cook, so I made oatmeal with banana, chopped cinnamon almonds, raisins, maple flakes, and cinnamon sugar almond butter.

oatmeal with banana, chopped cinnamon almonds, raisins, maple flakes, and cinnamon sugar almond butter

Lunch was pretty rushed since I had to get ready to volunteer after my workout, so I had leftovers of my roasted chickpea salad. On the side I made a salad with the first picking of greens from my garden!!! I used romaine, red leaf lettuce, and escarole with cherry tomatoes, feta cheese, a good drizzle of olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and salt.

Roasted chickpea salad

I packed an apple and a sun butter banana protein bar made with this recipe from Edible Perspective to take with me to eat between volunteering and work. I was a bit worried that this wouldn’t be able to keep me full through my shift, but it was actually perfectly filling. I wasn’t even hungry for dinner by the time I got off work at 8:45!

Sunbutter protein bar

Since I wasn’t that hungry for dinner I kept it light with a fried free range egg, steamed broccoli, reheated leftover roasted potatoes, and a leftover black bean salad from my family’s earlier dinner. I love that this dinner took me less than 5 minutes to put together! I used to hate leftovers, but lately they’re my lifesavers.

Even though I’ve found a way to handle my new work schedule and still find ways to eat healthy, I’m really missing getting to cook real meals and try new recipes. I feel like I’m experiencing what it’s like to NOT be a foodie… and I don’t really like it!

Leftovers – love them or hate them?

Do you take a lot of time to think about and cook your meals?


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  1. Wow these all look so delicious, despite how quick they were to assemble! I quite like leftovers, especially for a quick lunch later on in the week. Although I hate that pressing feeling of finishing them up before they go off- HATE throwing away food! And girl, you and me must be twins because I think about food A LOT…I like to think it’s a habit I picked up from my mom: growing up, she’d be asking what we wanted to eat for dinner while we were still eating lunch!

  2. LOVE leftovers!! Particularly for lunch during the school year!! I have learned to love cooking… nothing fancy like you, just the basics, but I do like it so I spend some time with it!

  3. I have been feeling the same way, I keep making less and less inspired things. I think I am going to try to at least plan a creative dinner each night to keep me at least a little creative.

  4. That Sunbutter banana protein bar looks delicious, thanks for sharing that link! :) I really like leftovers– especially when they're from grilling out!

  5. i love leftovers because that means less prep work for meals!

  6. I am a total foodie. However, sometimes fast and easy is the way to go! I usually make meals that are fast and easy.

  7. girl, even your leftovers look gourmet!! HOW DO YOU DO IT lol! I’ll admit that I really hate leftovers…maybe I just don’t like to eat the same thing for multiple meals in a row, or maybe my leftovers don’t look as pretty as yours hahaha. And I totally know what it feels like to not get to spend as much time cooking and trying new things as you want! But when you get a day off/break, it’s THAT much more epically satisfying to go to the grocery store and cook something awesome :-D

  8. I also think about food a lot… what to buy, what to try next or which would be a good combination. To me it doesn't sound exhausting at all, it's rather fun.I really love leftovers, although once in a while I don't like them at all, since I'd rather like to cook sth. new. But well, that's just how it is and often you save a lot of time and have a great meal all the same

  9. If I'm in the mood for leftovers, they can be delicious. However, I do enjoy a freshly cooked "new" meal. I spend ages researching recipes and creating my own, but when it comes down to meal time I usually ditch all the research I have done and simply make it up as I go.

  10. Personally, I adore leftovers and I think a majority of foods taste better the next day haha. Sounds like you are still eating super delicious foods even though you are crunched for time – the roasted chickpea salad looks great.

  11. For whatever reason,I am totally not a leftovers person! When I am cooking for myself, I only make enough for one serving specifically so I don't have any! Luckily, my fiance loves them, so he always takes care of the leftovers for me :)

  12. Loveee leftovers! Well of course it depends on what it is… but right now I am enjoying them, especially cold as it's flippen hot around these parts right now!

  13. I am not a leftovers person at all. The only meal I really "cook" is dinner, so I can usually come up with something to make!

  14. I am so proud of you for doing so well with your new schedule :) I am truly SO proud of you hunnie!I love leftovers. It bothers me when people are disgusted by them!? I think of for way too much. All yesterday I was thinking about what I wanted to eat on my birthday HAHA

  15. THat banana protein bar looks outrageous! And i love leftovers! they make great lunches the next day!!

  16. I do love my leftovers! You are doing amazing with the new schedule, I can imagine it was really hard at first to adjust! That is also so great that you are thinking less about food! Right now since the weather is getting warmer I am definitely relying on fast and easy foods!

  17. I can totally relate to this! I am starting to settle into a routine with work and meals, but I have much less time to experiment with recipes and shop for new food items. I miss it, and it makes my meals so much less satisfying.

  18. I'm a big fan of keeping leftovers separate (i..e not mixing the pasta with whatever it's going with) so that it can be a different meal the next day — living alone means you've gotta spice things up otherwise you get so bored! :) Your eats look great. :D

  19. I love leftovers! And other than searching for fun new products to try, I don't really spend much time on it. I enjoy my food better when it can be more spontaneous :)

  20. I love leftovers! So easy and quick! Your eats all look delicious

  21. I used to hate leftovers but love them now because they are amazing for mixing into my salad bowls to keep it interesting! Your oatmeal looks delicious:)

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