Sister time at Organic Works

It’s funny that my sister and I used to fight like cats at dogs, because these days I consider her one of my best friends. We share the same interest in cooking, we use a lot of the same sayings, and sometimes we even dress the same without realizing it! But since her boyfriend is staying with us this summer, we don’t get to spend as much time alone together, so we have to set aside sister time every so often.

Yesterday Hayley and I went on a day trip to where I go to school in London, Ontario so that I could pick up a few things at my apartment. It had all the makings of a good road trip: sunny weather, Starbucks, and the Mamma Mia soundtrack to sing along to.

When we got to London we quickly picked up a few necessities from my apartment (more clothes, my coconut and chickpea flours, and some cookbooks… yes these are necessities) then headed out for lunch. We went to Organic Works, a bakery cafe I’ve been wanting to check out for ages. I fell in love with it as soon as I stepped inside and saw it’s cozy eating area.

Organic Works London, Ontario

And the food just impressed me even more! It was fresh, healthy, and best of all, nut-free! And the best part? Their mouth-watering display of store-made baked goods. I am so excited I discovered this place!

Organic Works Bakery

For my meal I ordered the salad and sandwich combo. My sandwich was made with real roasted turkey, avocado spread, lettuce, tomato and sprouts on toasted buckwheat rye bread. I didn’t realize it until I bit into it, but the avocado spread was actually guacamole. Yum!

Organic Works - turkey sandwich on gluten free bread

The salad I ordered was a beet, rutabaga and sprout salad. So good!

Organic Works - beet, rutabaga, and sprout salad 

As we were leaving we had a taste of their orange chocolate muffin sample (it was delicious) and bought a loaf of their gluten free buckwheat oatmeal and flax bread. I can’t wait to make my sandwiches on this!

Organic Works London, Ontario gluten free bread

After our lunch I took Hayley to the indoor farmer’s market to show her around, then we drove the 1.5 hours back home. It was a short trip, but it was nice to just chill with my sister for a day!

Have you discovered any great new restaurants lately?

What do you like to do with your siblings?

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  1. Ahhhh i love sister time! I wish mine didn't live so far away and I could see her all the time….but being apart just makes the time we do have together all the more special! That restaurant looks awesome….especially the bread! I know I would love it!

  2. I love that you and your sister are so close- exactly how I am with my sister :)! Amongst the many things we love to do together, eating is definitely at the top of the list…specifically sushi and fro yo! I love that the restaurant offered avocado as a spread- turkey & avocado is a winning combination!

  3. That's so great you and your sister are such great friends! If I had a sibling I'd totally want a relationship like you two have :-)

  4. This looks so good! And yay for sister time, fights and all. Today's my sister's birthday so we went out last night to a restaurant I kind of thought of as mediocre but they did a REALLY good beet/cheese/walnut salad and were willing to give me chicken since I had a hankering instead of the steak it was supposed to come with! :) Success! Also, I've heard of that place only because they provide the gluten free goodies on campus, but I didn't realize you could get lunch there! Take me? :)

  5. YUM!! my siblings and i are all super close… our little brother lives in cali (far away from st. louis) so whenever we are all able to get together we have an absolute blast!

  6. That is just so nice that you two are closer now and can spend time together and actually like it hehe :)I have two older brothers and I love them so so much, and have gotten much closer to them as we have all grown

  7. That salad looks freaking amazing, the colors just pop! I am glad you are your sister are so close now, I love sister bonding car sessions. We blast some good music and sing like we are professionals (despite sounding tone deaf…)

  8. oh my gosh that place looks so epic!!!!!! I love all restaurants that cater to vegan/GF/vegetarian/local/organic eaters. They’re always so cute and eclectic! And don’t worry, when I move places, taking my food is ALWAYS essential hahaha

  9. That place looks so delicious! Yum. I definitely have gotten closer to my sister as we got older, but she's still 18, so we definitely fight more than I would like haha.

  10. That salad is beautiful! Sisters are wonderful, for the most part ;) I've gotten closer with my sister as well despite the age gap. I think we just like hanging out and chatting.

  11. i didn't know your sister's name is hayley! even though it's spelled differently, it's still awesome ;)i used to fight non stop with my sister but now she is definitely my best friend. now that we are both away for college and are in different parts of the country, it miss her so much!

  12. It's always great to spend time with Sisters, or other family! :) Me and my younger sister are really close :) Looks like a great meal, and extremely interesting salad combo, definitely not something you would see just anywhere! :)

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