Eating local in Halifax

Goodbye Halifax!  Right now it’s 5:30 am and we’re about to hit the road to head to Portland, Maine. It’s been such a fun 3 days and I’ve fallen in love with the city’s historic charm, Maritime way of life, and good food. I’m considering doing my dietetic internship here next year, so I may be back soon!

Mom and I started off our last day in Halifax at 6 am with another morning workout. I did 4.25 miles of intervals on the treadmill and worked up an appetite for breakfast! We hit up the buffet again and I had the same thing as yesterday because it was just so good. If anyone was wondering, we stayed at the Westin, and I would definitely recommend it.

The Westin Nova Scotian hotel gym and workout room

After a morning of errands and helping my sister’s boyfriend move, we went for lunch at The Wooden Monkey, which I’ve been wanting to go to since my last visit to Halifax. It focuses on using local and organic ingredients to promote environmental sustainability, and has a menu full of fresh and healthy choices.

The Wooden Monkey restaurant in Halifax

I literally wanted to order everything on Wooden Monkey’s menu! But I finally settled on the lentil burger which was made with carrots, miso, garlic, onions, daikon, seeds and oats. On the side I had a salad with organic greens, sliced apple, carrot, daikon, scallions, and goat cheese, with a grain mustard maple dressing. Both were excellent!

The Wooden Monkey lentil burger

And what’s great about The Wooden Monkey is that there is something for everyone: vegan, vegetarian, or meat-eaters alike will all find something to please them on the menu!

Wooden Monkey on Urbanspoon

We spent the afternoon browsing some shops downtown and dealing with more car troubles. What a headache! We were all pretty exhausted when dinner time rolled around, but we were also excited about going to Chives – an award-winning restaurant with a menu using seasonal produce, local meat producers and sustainable seafood.

Chives restaurant Halifax

Chives is famous for its buttermilk biscuits which are included with every meal – and they did not disappoint! They actually have the recipe on their website so I can’t wait to make these at home.

Chives restaurant buttermilk biscuits

For the appetizer, I ordered the “Greek salad”, which had panko crusted valley feta cheese, greenhouse tomato and cucumber, fire roasted bell peppers, kalamata olives, and poached garlic vinaigrette. This was delicious – I loved the warm feta cheese on top, although I wish it wasn’t deep-fried.

Chives restaurant Greek salad with panko crusted feta cheese

Unfortunately I didn’t realize that my entree was also deep-fried. I had crispy panko crusted tofu, saffron Parmesan risotto, candied greenhouse tomato, sweet peas, olive tapenade, pine nuts and basil pesto vinaigrette.

Chives restaurant panko crusted tofu and saffron Parmesan risotto

The risotto was seriously amazing – I wanted to lick my plate! The tofu I could have done without.

We weren’t really thinking about getting dessert initially, but we were tempted by the dessert menu here. So we ordered the vanilla honey creme brulee, which was so rich and delicious! It was easily the best creme brulee I’ve ever eaten.

Chives restaurant vanilla honey creme brulee

Since one dessert apparently wasn’t enough, we also ordered the Buckingham chocolate biscuit cake with dark chocolate ganache, lady grey tea ice cream, and raspberry sauce.  It’s named as such because it’s Prince William’s absolute favourite dessert – and I can see why!

Chives restaurant Buckingham chocolate biscuit cake

Also I told our server I’d give him a shout out, so hey Nick if you’re reading! Thanks for helping to make it a great night and I hope we weren’t too crazy for you.  He’s pictured here holding the recipe for the cake (which he gave us a copy of!) plus a jar of Chive’s house made mustard pickles that we bought to take home.

Chives restaurant Halifax

Chives Canadian Bistro on Urbanspoon

Well it’s time for me to pack my suitcase, grab some extra strong coffee and hit the road with my mom and sister. See you in Portland!

Have you ever visited a city and fallen in love with it? Which city?

What’s the best dessert you’ve ever ordered at a restaurant?


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  1. YOur feelings toward Halifax sound like mine toward Singapore…love that place more every time I visit! Those desserts (and meals) look phenomenal! The last amazing dessert I had out was a bread & butter pudding with glazed bananas and vanilla bean ice cream..I die thinking about it :)

  2. This looks like such a great travelling day! I fall in love with Calgary and Banff and the mountains EVERY time I visit my dad's fiancé out there! I can't wait til they settle down there and I can go out even more. :)Good job on getting lots of good eats and a sweaty start to the day in! I have yet to work out on this trip–but there's plenty of time for that! Today I am shopping and if the weather cooperates this afternoon, I'm going to find a place to run :) I hope your trip stays awesome/gets even better!

  3. After visiting san diego so many times to see my sister I have definitely fallen in love with it! There is so much going on, the weather is gorgeous, and the environment is just perfect!

  4. Wow that Buckingham chocolate biscuit cake with the ice cream sounds divine!! :DHave a safe trip to Portland friend!

  5. I wish we could somehow meet up Chelsea, I mean we are in the same country now (well you soon will be), so why not?! Haha. I love Portland, Maine so I hope you have the most fabulous time there! That restaurant looks great too, the biscuit cake… oh yes!

  6. Gosh, so jealous of this vacation. You are so motivated to wake up at 6am each morning!

  7. I basically want to intrude on your vacay and eat all of your food. Hhaha ;D

  8. Bea

    Mm, the biscuit looks delicious as does the chocolate biscuit cake. I think that was Kate and Will's wedding cake last year too so it must be reallly good ;)

  9. Yum, your foodie experience sounds so good so far!! I would like to be travelling with you and eat all the delicious food you posted about ;)

  10. Yum. All this food you posted looks delicious, I would very much like to travel with your family and eat all this amazing food ;) Have a blast on the rest of your vacay!!!

  11. Wow, all of that food looks amazing! I totally understand about the fried thing though.. I don't like deep fried food unless it's sweet potato fries from my dining hall, which have been my guilty pleasure lately. :) If you get lost on your way to Ithaca and drive to Clinton, NY let me know, haha! It's couple hours away. Have fun on your road trip! Can't wait to hear all about it!

  12. Hey! I know this post is a bit aged, but I remembered seeing it and wanted to write a note about it. This is my home! I do there (The Wooden Monkey) all the time! In fact, they're starting to recognize me at the Wooden Monkey! The waiter and I had an ol' chat about the menu; it was fantastic. I'm so excited to see Halifax – being the proud Haligonian I am – on a blog! Stay lovely, Don't be afraid to stop by my blog if you get the chance! (I don't know if you remember me, but I emailed you once pertaining to nutritional information)Stay sweet, Caitlyn

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