Halfway to food coma

I am so full right now!!! The second day of our trip was definitely a success on the food front. Unfortunately we weren’t as lucky with my sister’s car, which had to be taken into the shop because of some weird noises it was making. Fingers crossed it will be fixed in time to depart for Portland on Thursday!

Other than that little complication, the day was great. We started it off early at 6 am with a workout at the The Westin Nova Scotian’s hotel gym. I was really impressed with it! There was good selection of machines, they were all brand new, and they even had their own individual tvs! I did a sweaty 40 minutes on the elliptical with some high quality reading material.

The Westin Nova Scotian hotel gym and workout room

After showering and getting ready, we headed down to The Westin’s breakfast buffet. Usually the word “buffet” conjures up thoughts of styrofoam eggs and lukewarm bacon that looks and tastes like plastic, but I was really impressed with the one at The Westin Nova Scotian! There were tons of fresh, healthy options like fruit, granola, yogurt, muesli, customized omelets, smoked salmon, and more.

The Westin Nova Scotian breakfast buffet

Guess what I got? The oatmeal of course! I topped it with strawberries, blueberries, raisins, dried blueberries, and banana plus my own soy nut butter that I brought with me from home – I never travel without that stuff.

We spent the morning helping to move in my sister, then we headed out for a sushi lunch at Hamachi House on Morris Street. We went here last year when we visited Halifax and it was so good that we just had to go back again!

Hamachi House sushi restaurant in Halifax

I ordered the seaweed salad to start and the sushi lunch, which came with half a salmon roll, half a tuna roll, and 4 pieces of nirigi sushi (salmon, tuna, shrimp and tamago). I also ordered an extra order of salmon nigiri sushi, but they accidentally brought me an extra salmon roll instead. I didn’t mind though and ate it anyways. The sushi is expensive  at Hamachi House, at least by Ontario standards, but well worth it!

Hamachi House on Urbanspoon

The afternoon was a blur of errands and unpacking – not very exciting stuff. Dinner is definitely worth a mention though! We went to Morris East, which is known for its gourmet wood oven-fired pizzas.

Morris East pizza restaurant in Halifax

I started off with its roasted wood-fired local vegetables, which turned out to be sweet potato, kale and broccoli. I swear Morris East must have created this dish just for me – these are all my favourite vegetables! It was a bit over salted for my liking, but still delicious.

Morris East - roasted wood-fired sweet potato, kale, and broccoli

I also ordered a pizza with organic roasted chicken, balsamic glazed onions, fresh figs, mozzarella, and dandelion greens. I’ve always wanted to try figs on a pizza and this one did not disappoint. The flavours were incredible together and it had the perfect thin crust – crispy but still chewy. I ate all but one piece and even though I was exploding, I still wish I could have fit in that last piece just to enjoy the flavours for 1 more minute.

Morris East - pizza with chicken, fresh figs, and mozzarella

Morris East on Urbanspoon

Now we’re back at the hotel room just hanging out. I’m too stuffed to do anything else! I hope I can sleep off this fullness because I definitely need to make room for tomorrow – we’re going to the two restaurants that I’m most excited about visiting. I’ll post again tomorrow night unless I fall into a food coma!

Do you work out when  you’re travelling?

Do you like non-traditional pizza toppings such as figs? What’s the best non-traditional pizza you’ve eaten?


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10 Responses to Halfway to food coma

  1. I've never had figs let alone on a pizza! Looks delicious though:) I will fit in a workout if I have the time, but if not then I just relax.

  2. figs on a pizza?? that sounds so good! i definitely work out when i travel. even if there isn't a gym, i find someway to do something like insanity in the room or going out for a run. enjoy the rest of your trip!

  3. Okay holy guacamole that pizza looks INCREDIBLE!!! And what a great hotel– nothin beats a rockin fitness center or a rockin breakfast bar :) So happy you're having such a wonderful trip with your family! I can't wait to see what restaurants you go to next!

  4. What a great food day that looks like. All of it looks amazing, especially lunch. I am a huge fan of sashimi and fresh fish. Glad you are having a blast!

  5. Everything looks so delicious- especially the pizza! I had the most amazing kind on Monday- instead of marinara sauce, it was topped completely with truffles, arugula and parmesan! I do work out when I'm traveling but try not to do workouts I do at home. I find running outdoors is a great way to explore new cities. Hope the rest of your travels are as delicious :)!

  6. I actually really love the buffet continental breakfasts at hotels! Although the hot stuff isnt the best, there is just something I love about sitting around with all the other hotel guests making ourselves at home at the buffet :) Enjoy the rest of your holiday!

  7. i like pineapple on pizza… that's kind of non-traditional right? but since i do like pineapple and its sweet i bet i would like fig! yum!

  8. Wow that all looks incredible! I have never had figs on a pizza, but it looks super interesting! And sounds so flavourful. I'm glad your enjoying the time with your fam and eating lots of great food! Can't wait to hear about the rest.

  9. I work out if I'm like, on vacation with my family, but if I'm on a field trip with my class, I generally don't. I love to make cottage cheese pizza on millet crust.. :) Awesome pizza, it totally looks like being that stuffed was worth it!

  10. I've always wanted to try fruit on a pizza! I've never really had an exotic pizza topping. One time I got a greek salad pizza that was actually greek salad on top of the pizza!

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