Let the restaurant tour begin

Hey guys! I’m blogging from Halifax right now! This afternoon my mom and I flew out to spend the next few days here with my sister and her boyfriend. We’re going to be helping them move houses, touring the city, and visiting a ton of amazing restaurants! Then my mom, sister and I are going to drive back home through Maine, Massachusetts, and New York, with a bunch of restaurant stops along the way. It’s basically going to be a week of eating – can you tell we’re a family of foodies? ;)

We kicked off our restaurant tour tonight with a stop at Estia Restaurant, which is claimed to be the best Greek food in Halifax! Considering how much I love Mediterranean food, I was really excited to eat here.

Estia Restaurant Halifax

To start they brought out some bread with an amazing olive oil-based dipping sauce. The bread was good, but the dipping sauce was amazing. The restaurant actually sells it by the bottle for $18, so we bought one to take home. I can’t wait to use it on everything!

Estia restaurant Halifax - bread

For my meal I went with the classic chicken souvlaki. It came with Greek salad, lemon roasted potatoes, rice and tzatziki, but I had a double Greek salad instead of rice. Everything was delicious and I cleaned my plate!

Estia restaurant Halifax - classic chicken souvlaki

It was a great start to the week and I can’t wait for the rest of it! We’ve got some more amazing restaurants planned for tomorrow, so I’ll be back again tomorrow night with a post!

When you go on trips, do you pre-plan where you’re going to eat or do you wing it?

What’s your favourite Greek food?

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  1. How awesome!! Your family rocks, and so does the looks of those kabobs, YUM! I have a feeling your summer break is going to be filled with LOTS of these epic foodie adventures ;)

  2. Sometimes something as simple as bread and oil can be so delicious :-)

  3. Bea

    Sounds like you guys have an amazing trip planned! Can't wait to hear about your foodie adventures. Apparently Halifax donairs are famous. Any plans to check them out? On trips I definitely do some research before, but I also like asking locals what they think is the best place to eat once I'm there.

  4. I love winging it on trips because I feel like sometimes you are more adventurous and find hold in the wall type treasures. have fun in Halifax!

  5. What a great get away you have planned! Enjoy it :D

  6. Sounds like an awesome week. I'm slowly eating my way through Singapore & I have no doubt this is going to continue when I head on to China tomorrow :)

  7. I love family trips! It looks like tasty food! My family always wings everything about trips. Last year we didnt even know we decided to plan a trip within one day. We decided on a friday to go away, then on Saturday we hoped in the car to drive. Trips are the only impulsive thing my family does though :)

  8. You are the cutest!I usually end up winging it — how I wish my family was full of fellow foodies. More reason for us to go on a road trip and do it right!

  9. Mmm, Greek. Looks fantastic. I remember this really good Greek restaurant we ate at when my hubby and I lived in Kelowna two years ago. I honestly don't think I've been to an authentic Greek place since then…that's sad!!

  10. Mmmm, that does look delicious! I think my fav Greek food is either simple hummus n' pita, or if I'm feeling the need for a splurge, moussaka. Soooo unhealthy but sooooo good!

  11. That sounds like such a fun time! I love the idea of a restaurant tour! I loooove greek food, it is one of my favourite cuisines. I usually bring some food, just in case. Most of the time I'll have to wing it though. But I don't travel too often, so its not too much of a worry

  12. Aww what a lovely time, your family is fantastic! And those kabobs, heck yes :) I pre-plan what I eat, but I certainly want to get away from this

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