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Hey guys! Has everyone been having a good Easter weekend? How many people get tomorrow off? I don’t. I have class tomorrow morning, just like always. I wish I could have stayed at home for longer, but I’m grateful for the short time I did get to spend with my parents and sister this weekend.

I’m not going to lie though, seeing my family wasn’t the only reason I was glad to go home – I was also excited to go to Ichiban Sushi House, which is my #1 favourite Japanese restaurant!

As a sushi fanatic, you bet I’ve tried many different restaurants, but none have compared to Ichiban. Their fish is incredibly fresh, their prices are reasonable, and the staff are so friendly. My sister and I went there for lunch on Saturday and it was just as good as always!

I got a wakame salad as usual. I know that a salad of seaweed sounds weird, but everyone who I have made try it actually end up liking it. The dressing they use has such a good flavour!

Ichiban Sushi House - wakame salad

I like that they have a 5 piece order of nigiri sushi under their appetizers. It’s so much cheaper than ordering nigiri sushi a la carte, and this way I get a variety. Although not going to lie, I’d be happy with an order of just 5 pieces of salmon sushi because it’s just so so good!

Ichiban Sushi House - nigiri sushi

But I got my salmon fix in a salmon roll. They’re really generous with the fish portions at Ichiban! I get so annoyed when I order a roll and it’s 80% rice with just a tiny sliver of fish – but that’s never the case here. My roll was stuffed full of salmon!

Ichiban Sushi House - salmon roll

What’s your favourite thing to order when you get sushi?

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  1. MMM you always have the best meals out. You're right about the portions in that sushi — looooots of salmon in there! Salmon is my favorite :)

  2. I loooove sushi. I usually go with sashimi or the california roll. Both simple but classic :) Luckily I have tomorrow off, but I definitely have a LOT of studying and homework to do! Glad you had a great weekend :D I would want wonder unders !

  3. I could eat sushi every meal and not be fed up! Salmon avocado is always a must for me. Other than that I'm not too fussy but I can't deal with the mayo filled rolls- bleh! Good luck studying!

  4. This sushi looks so delicious!! I just love nigiri and sashimi :) I feel like I need you as a restaurant tour guide, you always find the most amazing places to eat! Best of luck with all your studying!

  5. Gahh do I flippen love sushi! I like tuna, salmon and yellow tail the most… can't decide on just one haha and in nigiri style! I believe you can taste the fish the best in that form. Good luck with the studying Chelsea!

  6. nom nom nom!!! ok so I've only had sushi twice, and to be 100% honest it's really not my thing. But they look so pretty!! And you're right, a roll with tons of rice is just gross. Especially cuz rice sits in my stomach like a rock haha. LOVE the greek food your family made- greek is one of my fave cuisines!! Hmm I think that needs to be on the menu for me this week :-D.and yay for new Lulu gear!! we just got a Lulu store in the mall here, I've never been before so I really wanna go see what everyone raves about!

  7. Mmmmm! That looks so good!I'd buy new running shorts — there are some sweet Turbo Run ones in hot pink and they're a bit longer so I wouldn't be yanking at 'em during a run. I also want the Cool Racerback in that pattern I love so much with the flowers. I have to tame my wants, because I went in there last week and spent too much so I'm going to return the stuff. Boo. Those clothes look PERFECT for you to join me for a yoga class soon. Destress and look cute all at once! Happy belated Easter!

  8. I love sushi and I love Lululemon!! My favorite item from Lululemon are the wonder unders… In fact, I am ordering a new pair today!!

  9. Looooove the lulu buys!!! SO cute! I would buy all my clothes from lulu if I could but its just so darn expensive :( That sushi looks fantastic as well!

  10. Mmmm, nothing beats super fresh sushi. The fancy complicated rolls are yummy, but I usually prefer the basic, simple fish.

  11. Oh that sushi looks and sounds awesome! It's so annoying when they skimp, especially since the price is usually pretty high and I know rice isn't THAT expensive!Can you believe I've never been to lululemon!? I was actually thinking about going shopping today in an area where there is one… so maybe I should go!

  12. Mmm sushi rocks! Love all the lulu stuff you bought! I have a gift card I need to use soon! They had pink wunder unders that I really wanted but they sold out so fast, so I'm hoping they come back soon! Boo that you have school today!

  13. That sushi place looks great, and it turns out that there is a location close to me! I will have to check it out sometime :)

  14. I always have to get a spicy tuna roll!

  15. Yummm, that sushi looks delicious! I also love your Lululemon stuff! If I could buy one thing, it would be a running skirt from them. OBSESSED. I'm glad you had an awesome Easter with your family!

  16. Meg

    Oh my gosh :) I totally just decided that WHITE TUNA is my favourite. It is amazing :) And I cannot wait to try out Ozen with you darling ;) LOVE U

  17. I miss decent sushi so much :-( My fav sushi place where I used to live had a soft shell crab roll which was just heavenly.I don't really know much about lululemon as they don't have it where I live and I can't figure out how to buy it online?!

  18. I like the look of that Daily tank!!! I need some new stuff from there…I just don't know if I can handle the prices yet…especially since I worked there 2 summers ago (mega discount!). I think I could eat sushi everyday right now…probably why I picked up some veg sushi just from the grocery store today for lunch hahaha

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