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Remember my post a few weeks ago when I went out to dinner and was disappointed with my $30 entree, which got me thinking about what makes it worth it to pay a lot of money for a restaurant meal? Well, the dinner I had last night at Blacktree was worth it. So worth it.

For any new readers, Blacktree is my all time favourite restaurant! It’s one of those restaurants that doesn’t just offer food – it offers an experience. Once you look through my pictures, you’ll know what I mean.

For our wine we chose the Block Nine pinot noir. It was fairly light bodied and had more of a bite to it than I like, but it was good. I only ended drinking about half a glass and passing on the rest to my mom. I’m really not a big drinker – even that small amount left my limbs feeling tingly!

Blacktree restaurant - Block Nine pinot noir

I was getting really hungry by that point, so I was thankful when they brought out warm bread with a wild mushroom butter. I can never turn down Blacktree’s bread!

Blacktree restaurant - bread with wild mushroom butter

The amuse bouche was fois gras with strawberry sauce and a “corchon” aka a pickle. I’m not a fois gras fan at all, but I don’t mind it in small amounts like this where I don’t really have to taste it. Plus the strawberry sauce was so good!

Blacktree restaurant - amuse bouche

My appetizer was the rutabaga soup with Bosc pear puree and vanilla. This was incredible! It was my first time trying rutabaga and now I’m excited to buy one and try cooking it in other ways.

Blacktree restaurant - rutabaga soup with bosc pear puree

I was debating whether to order the sunchoke risotto with Parmesan cheese and endive marmalade for an appetizer instead, so the chef Matteo sent me out a small sample to try out. Eating this almost made me regret my decision to get the soup – it was also amazing!

Blacktree restaurant - sunchoke risotto with Parmesan cheese

Tamarind bomb with coconut milk in between courses.

For my entree I was tempted to get the deer, but once I heard the fish special I was sold: Alaskan black cod, butternut squash ravioli, lobster confit, and hedgehog mushrooms. YUM! This plate seriously blew my mind. The fish was so soft and buttery, the ravioli was amazing, and I was obsessed with those mushrooms! Have any of you guys heard of hedgehog mushrooms before? I hadn’t, but now I want to try to track some down to cook with. They were so flavourful!

Blacktree restaurant - Alaskan black cod with butternut squash ravioli, lobster confit, and mushrooms

As always, it was a perfect meal. Exciting, unexpected, flavourful, creative and most importantly, delicious!

What’s your favourite restaurant?

Have you tried rutabaga before? Hedgehog mushrooms? Tamarind? Endive? Fois gras?

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  1. Wow that special sounds like an explosion of flavors- can I get in? Random fact: Rutabaga in London (England) is referred to as 'swede'! I love it roasted, or made into soup with butternut squash! It's also delicious in mashed form!

  2. Rutabaga from the Covent Garden Market is to dieeee for. Seriously, just peal it, steam it and mash it and it tastes like mashed potatoes. You don't need to add anything (MIlk/Butter) so it's totally healthy! (Ok all rutabaga probably tastes the same!)You've inspired me to go to fancier dinners. I am always so cheap and don't go for the courses… maybe that will change now! That was so nice of waiter. Yum to the soup- I MUST try making this now. Any hint to what else was in it? (Milk based, broth based??)- Love Molly

  3. cool! I've never tried any of those foods before, what a great tastebud experience! When my spring break gets here, you've totally inspired me to try some new dishes when I go out to eat with my family :)

  4. That bread really does look amazing. I can never resist good quality bread like that either.

  5. Again, I'm totally jealous that you go out to fancy restaurants. I live and go to school in the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE, so "fancy" for us is sushi. Lolz. This meal looks awesome!

  6. Everything looks amazing! That type of dining is the best, and totally worth the price (every once and a while)! Sounds like a great dining experience!

  7. Wow look at this food! It's stunning and so delicate… weird word to descrive this lol but I feel like it might work I really don't think I have ever been to a fancy restaurant like this, well that needs to change

  8. Everything sounds so fancy and delicious! You're entree especially! I've ever eaten anything in your question thing but I want to try all of it of course. Sounds like a great dinner out.

  9. OMG!! Blacktree sounds EPIC. I've only ever had one multi-course meal like that, in paris. All of your dishes are so exquisite! And I love how the portion sizes are fairly small, so you can actually try a lot of different things and not feel like you have to roll yourself away from the table afterward haha. I can't wait to see what dishes you come up with that have rutabaga and hedgehog mushrooms! :-)

  10. you lucky duck! looks amazing! i am soup's biggest fan and would have loved that appetizer. rutabaga sounds cool and i'd like to try it!

  11. Wow, so artistic! The presentation is amazing. Wow, I can't say I've tried any of those! Maybe I'll have to get out more, ha ha

  12. I call turnip rutabaga even though they are technically different vegetables. I actually have 4-5 times a week! It's one of my favorite vegetables!

  13. THIS LOOKS DELISH! And I have tried a rutabaga but I didn't cook it try well…try try again! :)

  14. Hi! I never hear about rutabaga before.Have to try!

  15. Hey, I've been reading your blog for a while now and hardly ever comment, but i was so excited that you tried tamarind! It is such a cool and unique ingredient. I live in Arizona and you can buy the whole tamarind pods (it's really common in south american and mexican foods) in bulk at the mexican markets. They are really sweet and sour. There's a really popular drink called Tamarindo made from it and I once had barbecue sauce that was made with tamarind to replace some of the vinegar. Looks like wonderful meal!

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