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Given how obsessed I am with sushi, you would think that my favourite cuisine is Japanese. But it’s not! It’s a close call, but my favourite is actually Mediterranean. Feta cheese, fresh seafood, olives, tomatoes, olive oil, homemade pasta, thin crust pizzas… I think I could live on these foods forever and be happy!

On Wednesday night I went out for a girls night of Italian food and wine with my mom and two family friends who I haven’t seen in a while. It was great to catch up with them! We went to Big Tomato, which is a local pasta and pizza bar.

I started off with a glass of wine – Sonoma Junction Cabernet Sauvignon – and a house salad. It was a very generous portion and the balsamic dressing was fantastic!

For my main I got the chicken cacciatore pizza with a tomato sauce base, mozzarella cheese, roasted chicken, sweet peppers, caramelized onions, mushrooms and oregano.

It was gigantic!!! The pizza didn’t even fit on the plate! I thought it was good, but it didn’t blow my socks off. I wish there had been more toppings. Also I wasn’t a fan of the paper-thin crust – I prefer it to be a bit chewier.

I think next time I go there I might have to try the pasta because Mary’s tortellini with Italian sausage looked incredible. I wish I’d ordered that instead of the pizza!

What would you order at an Italian restaurant – pizza or pasta?


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  1. That side salad on your Greek night look delicious. I usually order the pasta in Italian restaurants, but if I haven't had pizza in a while that's fair game too :)

  2. Oh wow you and I would make great dining partners: Sushi and Mediterranean are two foods/cuisines I will never tire! I love Greek food but Italian will forever have my there anything better than warm bread (or any other carb for that matter), with marinara sauce and cheese?? All day I have had a sushi craving and am out for dinner to a Japanese restaurant tonight- now I kinda wish Italian was on the menu ;)!

  3. I'm not a huge Italian food fan, but Greek food is like heaven!! It never seems to get old! The chicken kabobs your dad grilled are making me drool! :)I can't wait to hear about your special dinner tonight!

  4. You visit so many delicious sounding recipes! I think I like Greek better than Italian but I feel like I don't have enough experience in either to make a fair judgemnent :)

  5. I love Greek and Italian :D Looks great girl!

  6. This is certainly my kind of restaurant! So may great things to choose from and you chose well :) I think I prefer Italian, but i haven't tired enough Greek food to really know! Must get on that haPIZZA for sure!

  7. Since I'm Italian I'm gonna have to go with Italian lol Nothing beats fresh fish from the sea and a strong espresso :D

  8. I prefer a chewy crust too. I <3 both Italian and Greek food. I'm not a huge seafood person, so I guess I'll go with Italian as my fav.

  9. Mediterannean is my fave food "genre" too – GREEK is my #1, I even wrote a whole post about my love for it when I first started my blog! That pizza does look like it'd only be OK, I can tell from the pic, but I can also tell from your pic of your kebob meal that it was a DYNAMITE at-home meal!

  10. Mediterranean food is totally awesome! I'm all about the seafood and olive oil, seriously. Delicious eats! I wish I could get out and eat out as much as you do.

  11. love greek food. just nowhere good to get it where i live right now. bummer!

  12. That pizza looks amazing…but so does everything else! I haven't had a chance to enjoy much Mediterranean food, but it sounds like something I would definitely enjoy!

  13. meg

    Mmmmmm I love everything you have showed us so far :) I really am not a pizza girl, so I probably would have gone with a pasta! :) Although, pizza every now and then is yummy :) I don't think I have ever actually ordered pizza, though!? Haha. I grew up ordering anything pasta!!!!!I think the meal you made this past time resembles a meal on our menu ;) BAHAHAHHA

  14. I don't think I can choose between Italian and Greek! I love them both for different reasons.At an Italian restaurant I usually order a pasta dish unless they are known for their pizza. We have a place in ATL that serves authentic pizza – everything is imported from Italy, including the oven!

  15. Ohh, I don't know if I can choose between Greek or Italian! I love feta and hummus, but I'm also a huge fan of pizza, pasta, and everything in between. I'm not choosing. ;)

  16. Ok you and I definitely would be awesome dining buddies! Any plans to come to Canada anytime soon? ;)

  17. Oh wow that pizza sounds incredible! I want to visit Atlanta just so that I can go to that restaurant!

  18. i would definitely order pizza! and i love paper thin pizza! st. louis is known for thin-crust pizza and we have a great place that originated in st louis called "imo's." it's a must-try if you ever visit… just sayin! :)

  19. i LOVE Mediterranean food! i could eat it all day, everyday too :) i would probably order the pasta at an italian restaurant. then again, when i am craving pizza, i am craving it bad haha

  20. ITALIAN!!!! Though I do love feta cheese haha!! It's always a toss up between pizza and past for me. i LOVE gnocchi to death but I also can't resist a margarita pizza. I usually make a game time decision when the server gets to me!

  21. I love Mediterranean food!! It's a favourite too, although I think I prefer Japanese just a little bit more.. :) Greek or Italian? I think I lean towards Italian, but I absolutely love Greek too! Your food looks delicious ;)

  22. MMMM! I really wish I was there!I like greek for lunch (bring on the falafel) and italian for dinner (red wine anyone?). I often get sick after I eat out for italian because it's so freaking tempting for me to have red wine, caesar salad, creamy pasta (my downfall, I think), and dessert. My tummy can't handle all that!

  23. greek salad = my life.I am absolutely in love with feta cheese, black olives, and red peppers! Maybe I should stir up a Greek inspired stuffed pepper? I'm a white wine girl though, even though red is better for you!!

  24. I prefer Greek since I'm not a pasta fan!

  25. Mediterranean is my favorite of any cuisine!! I love that it's not too heavy and always tastes fresh and flavorful. I love when restaurants have mediterranean plates. They are always awesome!

  26. Mediterranean food is definitely my favourite cuisine, I love nearly everything about it! My French roots show through really, it makes me nostalgic for summer evenings spent under fig trees eating tomato salads, pasta, prosciutto , cheese, fresh fruit… Your pizza looks pretty good, I actually really like thin crusts! Your chicken kebabs, Greek salad and pita and hummus all looks amazing, I'd love to eat that for dinner tonight!On the whole I prefer Italian and I usually order pasta over pizza :-)

  27. Greek salads are my favorite too girl. When I go out for Italian, it's normally to carb load for a race so I choose pasta. I do love pizza though-you can never go wrong with it. :)

  28. I know I'm a little bit late on this one but I am with you…I LOVE both Italian and Greek foods!! The dinner you made with your family looks absolutely amazing, it makes me look forward to summer grilling!!

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