Ever since I became interested in healthy eating, I’ve always been intrigued by vegan foods. I’ve dabbled quite a bit in vegan cooking, but I’ve never had the chance to try out a vegan restaurant before. I’ve tried to go to a few, but every time I call one up and inquire about eating there, they warn me that they use way too many nuts in their kitchen for it to possibly be safe for me.

But a few days ago I came across this list of the best vegetarian restaurants in Toronto and started browsing the websites of all the places listed. And I was super excited when I saw that the menu at Fressen had nut-free options indicated.

So I met up with my old roommates there last night for my first vegan restaurant experience ever!

I really liked the decor of the restaurant – it looked very natural with all of its wooden pieces. But at the same time all of the white accents gave it an elegant touch.

Fressen vegan restaurant Toronto

Three of us arrived around 6, but were still waiting for one more person to come. We told the waitress this and she seated us at a table, but told us there was another reservation coming at 8. I didn’t like having a time limit on my meal – especially since the website said walk-ins were welcome!

While we were waiting for Steph to arrive, we ordered an appetizer to share:

Plantain Cakes Seared plantain and rice flour dumplings served with greens and a mango, jalapeno and coriander salsa.

Fressen vegan restaurant Toronto - plantain cakes

These were really delicious and I loved the salsa that came with them!

When Steph arrived we had to quickly order our meals, which didn’t come until closer to 7:30, giving us only half an hour to eat. I wished we’d had longer to linger! But the food was excellent. I had a hard time deciding what to order because everything sounded so amazing! But I ended up deciding on:

Grilled Tofu Kabobs Skewered tofu, peppers, and mushrooms marinated in a tangy smoked BBQ sauce and served with roasted potatoes and mixed vegetables.

Fressen vegan restaurant Toronto - skewered tofu in BBQ sauce

The presentation and flavours were awesome and I loved how it came with so many vegetables! Clearly I enjoyed it because I didn’t even notice Jill taking this picture of me!

Overall I would definitely return here again. I loved that the restaurant was able to accommodate my nut allergy and that the waitresses made me feel very safe with eating there. The only thing I would do differently is that next time I would make a reservation so that I could enjoy my meal without being rushed!

Do you enjoy vegan food?

What’s the best thing you’ve ever ordered at a vegan restaurant?

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  1. omg that looks so good! my sister and i are goingto toronto for a few days during reading week and want to try some vegetarian and vegan restaurants when there … thanks for the review :) hope you are having a wonderful break…happy new year !!

  2. Wow that looks amazing!! Those grilled tofu kabobs sound to die for, I'd totally order that! :)I've never been to a vegan or vegetarian restaurant before, but I'd love to try one someday!Have a wonderful new year girly!

  3. I love vegan food! Vegan restaurants always make some interesting and delicious meals. I looove plantains, so those plantain balls sound like something I would love! I want to try a dessert from a vegan restaurant. I have a feeling it would be really creative!

  4. this place sounds awesome! I'll have to check it out :D

  5. I love vegan food, even better when it's cooked for me! The vegan egg salad & mac and cheese at Whole Foods always blows me awa! Your dinner looks delicious but the time limit would have stressed me out too!

  6. I've never been to a vegan restaurant before, but this one looks great! I will have to check it out ;)

  7. Looks like a nice place! :)The word "fressen" means "to eat/to devour" in German. :)

  8. Love vegan foods – we have a raw cafe in my town, and everything on the menu is fantastic. Although lately, I have been obsessed with their taco salad!

  9. Yummm! That food looks awesome. I love vegan food, and unintentionally eat vegan for some meals. I've never been to a vegan restaurant though.. I almost never go out to restaurants for some reason.

  10. That food looks really delicious! I'm not into vegan food just because I have 45 different food allergies… all I worry about is just not going to anaphylactic shock and dying.. vegan is the last thing I should be worrying about.

  11. I'm finding that I really like vegetarian and vegan dishes…it just is a matter of me feeling like cooking them (and having the ingredients around). I think rather than ordering a steak or a sandwich like I usually do, I'm going to try more vegetarian options when I eat out from now on! That way I can maybe be inspired to cook that way more often!Have you tried any good vegetarian places in London? Maybe we should do this for our blogger meet up in 2012! :)

  12. I looovee going out and trying new vegetarian restaurants. I was pescatarian for 3 years, so I always have an interest in that stuff :) Looks like a wonderful night!

  13. YUMMM this food looks delicious!I've only had a few vegan desserts and they're great!

  14. I guess I like Vegan food even though I eat everything!

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