One weekend, two restaurants

One of my favourite things about the weekend: going out to restaurants! Some people like to go out on Saturday nights and get drunk. But me? I like to go out for delicious food with friends.

Saturday night I met up with some friends for sushi at Gozen. It had been weeks since we all hung out last, so I was so excited to see them. I was also excited to try out Gozen for the first time. It had a great atmosphere with big comfy booths upstairs and good service. I really enjoyed the food as well.

I started off with my favourite wakame salad. The portion looks huge, but there was some shredded white radish underneath. I wish it had all been seaweed though!

Gozen London, Ontario wakame salad

For my entree I got a salmon and a tuna roll. My favourites!

Gozen London Ontario salmon roll and tuna roll

Gozen on Urbanspoon

I had such a great time hanging out with these girls! I’m already excited for our plans to visit Jambalaya – a restaurant with a fusion of Thai, Cajun, and Carribean cuisine. It sounds amazing!

On Sunday my parents came to visit. I was so happy to see them because the last time I saw them was Thanksgiving over a month ago. They helped me out with some stuff around the apartment and with a minor car repair, then we all went out to lunch at Jack Astor’s. We’re not usually big fans of chain restaurants, but this place surprised me.

I ordered a delicious stir fry with chicken, carrots, zucchini, onions, green pepper, sprouts, and water chestnuts served over basmati rice with the teriyaki sauce on the side. It was so fresh and healthy tasting!

Jack Astor's stir fry

And it was the perfect way to satisfy my hungry belly after that morning’s 3.5 mile run. I was really excited after that run because it brought my weekly mileage up to 16.5 miles – I haven’t reached that distance in a while. It gives me hope that maybe someday soon I’ll be able to train for a half marathon!

But as for right now, my life is enough of a marathon for me. Today I have class all morning, then the gym, then homework, and then I have to meet for a group project all evening. Life is definitely keeping me busy!

Do you often eat out on weekends?

What are your favourite chain restaurants?


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  1. You could definitely train for a half marathon with that mileage! I usually only do 2 or 3 runs throughout the week at 3 miles each and then a long run on the weekend. If i run too much, my body freaks out!

  2. I love Japanese food. My favourite's cold soba noodles, and chawanmushi mmm.Definitely! I eat out with my family on weekends, 'cause that's the only time when everyone's free; and I head over to my grandparents' place for weekend dinners too. :)

  3. It's crazy how similar our taste buds are! That's my exact order at a sushi restaurant although I need some avocado in my rolls too! You should definitely consider a half-marathon…I am toying with the idea but my options in Mumbai are very limited! I reached my highest mileage last week in a long time too last week (17 miles)!.

  4. Great eats! Looks like yall had so much fun :) I think my favorite chain restaurant is red lobster, I'm a seafood fanatic!

  5. We had such similar dining experiences out this weekend- sushi! And nice choice on your order, salmon and tuna are my favorite :)I even asked the chain restaurant question on my blog haha

  6. Great job on the run! The sushi looks great to me – a good fish-to-rice ratio

  7. We try to limit our eating out to one meal a weekend. I actually like doing this a lot because then it's really a treat! I also just like cooking at home because then I know what is and isn't going in to my food :)

  8. Congrats on hitting a good amount of mileage this week!! That always gives my ego a little boost. It's so cool to look back at! Like you, I loooove to go out for a good meal. Even if it's just a low key soup and salad.

  9. I actually never eat at chains. The food is always bland and over priced! Local is the way to go!

  10. Jack Astors really impressed me too :D Which one did you go to? I love that place. One of the only chain restaurants I have been to in London actually! I think the only other one I have gone to has been The Keg and that is always worth it in my books :) ;) So excited for Jambalaya <3 xo love ya

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