From market to table

If there’s one thing I love about Saturdays, it’s going to the farmers market. Something about just walking around the stands, seeing all the gorgeous local produce, and knowing how passionate the farmer’s are about their food – it brings a smile to my face every time!

Yesterday after a trip to the gym I went to the Covent Garden outdoor farmers market with my friend Andrea. There was lots to see as always!

Squash… looks like we got there a little late.

Funny shaped heirloom carrots

Local apples… my favourite!

Date coffee cake and granola muffins. Sound amazing, no?

Later on in the day I celebrated local food once again by going to dinner at Garlic’s with my friend Chris. It changes its menu monthly and uses as many local and organic ingredients as possible in its dishes. I went there earlier this fall and was blown away by my meal, so I was excited to go back.

The bread was a molasses bread with a garlic butter. The bread tasted like beer (not a big beer drinker here), but despite that I still enjoyed it.

Afterwards we were brought out a special treat from the kitchen: fried Jerusalem artichoke with Cajun-spiced breading and a garlic aioli. This was so good!

For my appetizer I had the mixed organic greens with toasted pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, dried cranberries, and a maple-balsamic dressing. This was fantastic and a huge potion size! I was impressed.

My entree was by far my favourite part of the meal though. I opted for the Arctic char with celeriac puree, roasted fennel, and heirloom carrots and beets. The fish was incredible, but the veggies were equally as good. That was my first time trying celeriac, and I loved it! It was like a combination of potato and celery.

Then Chris ordered a crazy dessert: garlic ice cream!!! I tried a bite, but I was not a fan. It was just a little too weird for my tastebuds.

Afterwards I just came home, put on some sweats, and caught up on blogs while Twilight was on tv in the background. It was the perfect relaxing end to my day!

Have you ever tried celeriac? What are your favourite root veggies?

Have you ever tried any crazy flavoured ice creams?

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15 Responses to From market to table

  1. I've tried garlic ice cream before! Weird…. haha :)

  2. Love your blog! I've never tried anything too risky with ice-cream. But I LOVE all root veggies and celeriac too!!

  3. Those apples have me drooling! I wish I had a farmers market around here :( And garlic ice cream? Sounds just plain wrong haha.

  4. Those carrots look so funny! Sounds like you had an awesome time at the market :)

  5. I've tried curry ice cream. It wasn't bad when paired with coconut ice cream! I don't think I'd be a fan of garlic… that sounds a little too out there for me!

  6. There's a specialty ice cream joint here in Mumbai which feature crazy ice cream flavors like Ketchup flavor, coriander flavor, garlic, and others…I tend to play it safe and go with the more conventional flavors though!

  7. I love markets…I miss them now that the weather has turned too chilly for them :(That is a rather crazy flavor of ice cream! I can't say I have tried something like that, but I want to

  8. Oh, I love the Farmer's Market, great inspiration and also a reminder to eat local and eat seasonal. Butternut squash is my fav right now, delish!

  9. We have a garlic festival every year where I'm from and they have garlic ice cream…and garlic cotton candy! I've never tried it, but I'm going to take your word that it is not a good flavor combination :)

  10. I've never had celeriac. I love those little carrots. It would make my day to see a chubby little bunny noshing on one. They look like cartoon carrots or something! haha

  11. Mmmm Local Apples are my friggin weakness! I could eat them morning noon and night I tell ya!!!! I rarely go to the farmers market, but I really should start!!xxoo

  12. Garlic ice cream?! I've heard there's lobster ice cream. Not sure which one sounds worse!

  13. I love going to the farmers market! So cool to see where your food is actually coming from.

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