August 8 on October 6

Yesterday was such a crazy day!

First off, I made a very spontaneous decision to drop a class. It was a class on Global Policies and Food Safety and it just was not my cup of tea. I don’t want to waste my time on a class I hate when I could be putting my efforts towards my other classes and volunteering.

Right after my 6 hour day of classes I picked up my friend Sydney for the 1.5 hour drive home. We were prepared with some car snacks: apples and Food Should Taste Good sweet potato chips. They taste nothing like sweet potato, but they’re super addicting!

Road trip snacks: Food Should Taste Good Sweet Potato chips

We had some gorgeous scenery on the drive:

Highway 403 in the Fall

But not half an hour after this photo was taken, something crazy happened. We got stuck in traffic and then WE GOT REAR ENDED! We were literally at a standstill when all of a sudden this pick up truck behind us drive right into us! I was sooo shaken and didn’t know what to do. There was no way I could pull over right away because of the traffic. So instead we jotted down his license plate number and then waited for a few minutes until we could pull over, but by then we had lost track of the truck. We got out to inspect my car, but luckily there was no damage. I’m still can’t believe that happened though!

After an incident like that, there was only one thing that could make us feel better: all you can eat sushi at August 8 (website). We went to the Burlington location, but there is also an August 8 in Hamilton and in Oakville.

August 8 Burlington, Ontario

I’d never been here before – but I was impressed. The service was amazing and the sushi was so fresh!

Of course I had to order a wakame salad. Eating a salad of seaweed sounds gross, but if you don’t mind the texture, it tastes amazing!

August 8 Burlington - wakame salad

We also ordered a ton of sushi to split like salmon sashimi (we both go crazy for salmon sashimi!) and a rainbow roll (California roll with salmon and tuna on the outside):

August 8 Burlington - rainbow roll

Plus salmon sushi and tuna sashimi:

But wait, there was more: salmon hand roll, salmon maki roll, spicy salmon roll, and even more salmon sashimi! Clearly we love salmon.

August 8 Burlington Ontario - salmon hand roll, salmon maki roll, spicy salmon roll, salmon sashimi

August 8 on Urbanspoon

We were absolutely stuffed afterwards! So we crashed on the couch for the rest of the night and watched Everwood. We started watching this show 4 years ago when we were freshmen and we were obsessed! Once a week we would gather in someone’s room, order take-out, and watch this show for hours. I miss those days!

What’s your favourite thing to order at a sushi restaurant?

What tv show do you love to watch with your friends?


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5 Responses to August 8 on October 6

  1. OMG my bestie's bday is on 8th August and she is the biggest sushi fan- must tell her about this restaurant! I love salmon avocado rolls- can eat them by the dozen!

  2. i love spicy tuna rolls and anything with avocado! my friends and i love watching teen mom ha!

  3. My order is usually spicy tuna roll(s) and miso soup! MmmI like to watch SYTYCD or Modern Family with friends :) I'm sorry about your car accident! Those are always scary. I'm glad you go this license plate number…smart thinking.

  4. All you can eat sushi can cure even the worst of days! I love vegetable rolls, not really a big fan of the whole raw fish thing. I also love miso soup and the garden salads with ginger dressing!

  5. I'm very anxious all the time i need to eat… i always resist to be eating all the time, like now, i just breakfast and I'm hungry and there are some great stuff in my fridge… i love vegetables with meat or just some fish with rice but this is not time for that…

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