Blackout at Blacktree

Wow, what a crazy night I had!

There were severe storm and tornado watches across all of southern Ontario yesterday but I didn’t expect the weather to be as bad as it was. So despite the forecast, I went out to dinner with my parents, my sister and her boyfriend to our favourite restaurant, Blacktree (I’ve blogged about this restaurant many times before – check out my “Restaurants” tab to read more reviews).

Blacktree restaurant Burlington, Ontario

I’ve already rambled on enough about chef Matteo’s culinary genius, so I won’t bore you with my praises for him again. I’ll just let the amazing meal speak for itself!

The wine: Alessandro Speri 2007 Prodigo Malbec. Our favourite sommelier and server Peter recommended this wine to me when I told him I liked a Black River Malbec that I’d tried there. I didn’t like this wine quite as much, but it was still good.

Blacktree restaurant - Alessandro Speri malbec

The bread: Warm, soft and crusty just like always! Served with a delicious leek butter.

Blacktree restaurant - bread

The amuse bouche: Cured salmon, crispy wonton, molasses jelly.

Blacktree restaurant - amuse bouche

The appetizer: “Caesar salad”. I put that in quotations because Matteo’s salads are never your typical salad. This one had baby romaine leaves, foam dressing, a crispy egg yolk, dehydrated tomatoes, paper thin crispy bacon, and capers.

Blacktree restaurant - Caesar salad

The remise en bouche: Green tomato “yolk”.

Blacktree restaurant - remise en bouche

The entree: Pickerel, oxtail dumpling and golden beet carpaccio with mango, persimmon, goji berries, snap peas, shitake mushrooms, and red cabbage slaw.

Blacktree restaurant - pickerel with oxtail dumpling

I’ve eaten a lot of incredible things at Blacktree, but this meal may have been one of my favourites. I loved all the flavours that accompanied the pickerel!

While we were finishing up our drinks, the storm outside started to pick up. We didn’t think anything of it until we saw huge gusts of wind and a torrential downpour out the window. Next the lights started flickering and then the power went out completely. We had to sit out the storm at the restaurant because it was so bad outside. And then on our drive home we had to swerve around several fallen trees and one road was actually completely blocked.

The power was still out when we went to bed, but luckily we woke up today with full power. Phew!

Do you like it when a chef puts twists on a classic dish?

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10 Responses to Blackout at Blacktree

  1. Eeek – sounds like a scary storm! As odd as it may sound, though, I think I'd have felt better about waiting it out there than at home. Glad everyone was safe, though. I do like twists on classics. Otherwise it's too boring :P

  2. mmm what a delish meal!! I especially love the leek butter..umm YUM much!? Two years ago when the storms were all crazy (like September!) we lost our power for 4 1/2 days…it was MISERABLE!

  3. ahh that sounds so spooky!! i love storms! when i know im safe :P

  4. As soon as I saw the title I knew I would be excited to read this! All your other recaps have left me salivating… I need to go here! The crispy egg yolk sounds really interesting. I would be so scared to go to bed when the power was out, even though I'd have the lights off anyway… it's just kind of freaky!

  5. I love storms…when I'm indoors and safe!

  6. I love a good storm! All the dishes you tried sound fabulous! The presentation is really cool :)

  7. Oh my scary storm! But I do love a good storm like that, as long as everyone is safe!

  8. I love when a chef puts a personal spin on a dish because it makes me feel like I am not eating the same old boring thing. I will have plenty of storm stories to share after this weekend…

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