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Yesterday was my favourite day of this summer so far! Why? Because my best friend Lauren just got back from 5 months of studying abroad in England! She was doing research in Southampton, but she also went on a cruise from Italy to Greece to Turkey. Sounds amazing right?

After our joyous reunion involving shrieking and hugging, we headed off on our bikes for lunch downtown. We decided on The Martini House (website) because we had really nice weather that day, and Martini House has a great outdoor patio.

We both ordered a glass of Humberto Canale Black River malbec from Argentina. Our waiter recommended it to us, and it did not disappoint. It was light, sweet, and fruity – just how I like my wine!

And then we split an order of bruschetta to start. I can’t even remember the last time I had bruschetta, but I’m glad Lauren suggested this because it was so fresh and delicious.

Martini House Burlington, Ontario: Bruschetta

Lauren ordered the pasta special of the day, which was a pappardelle with broccoli, red peppers, shrimp, and an herbed olive oil. She gave it the thumbs up!

Martini House Burlington, Ontario: pasta special

For my entree I got the vegetable wrap with grilled market vegetables, roasted red pepper hummus, and fresh pesto. But they had to leave out the pesto because it may have been cross contaminated with nuts, which was a little disappointing. It also came out a bit soggy, but the wrap stayed intact, so it was still easy to eat. It was okay, but I wish I’d ordered something different!

Martini House Burlington, Ontario: vegetable wrap

We stayed for a while after our meal to finish off our wine and continue catching up. There’s nothing better than sitting out on a sunny patio with good wine and my best friend to chat with!

What’s your favourite appetizer to share?

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  1. I'm a HUGE fan of dessert for breakfast :D And can you believe that I've never tried soy nut butter? You would think for someone who has a limited enough nut butter list, I'd be all over it. Have to change that I think… I'm just scared to buy a whole jar of it and not like it! That's what happened with pumpkin seed butter…

  2. What a great afternoon! I am a big appetizer lover. However, it's difficult to get a good one with so many food restrictions! I love bruschetta – it's one of my favorites!

  3. This looks amazing! My fave appetizer is either bruschetta, calamari, or tomato/mozzarella salad. Your oatmeal looks absolutely delish!

  4. It's so nice to reunite with friends after a long time, especially to hear all their cool stories and what not. Especially reuniting over food! I love bruschetta!! My favorite app ever though is hush puppies. I only get them when we go down south for vacation and it's one of my favorite treats!

  5. I felt that way this morning when I had my black bean brownies in my breakfast! I'll have to keep an eye out for that wine – it sounds exactly to my taste.

  6. I love bruschetta! If I’m at a Japanese restaurant, sushi is defo my favorite appetizer to share. I also love sharing salads to start with as it's a good way to get some veggies in!

  7. That meal looks absolutely delicious! I love having a drink with a leisurely lunch…makes it feel so special :)

  8. glad you had a nice day, I love all the yummy breakfasts you have porridge is quite possibly my favourite thing to have. oh appetiers lol some pittas and houmous. xx

  9. Dessert for breakfast is the only way I roll ;)

  10. Hmm favorite appetizer, that is not easy! I would say I like sharing yummy fried appetizers because then I only have a few bites. Sushi is also great for sharing and chips and salsa!

  11. Sounds like such a nice day :)The food looks delish!

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