Halifax: Day 1

Hello from Halifax! I’m currently lounging in my hotel room after a long day of driving, flying, and running around doing errands for my sister. It’s only 8:30 pm my time (9:30 Nova Scotia time) and already I’m exhausted!

This morning seems like it was ages ago. I had a bowl of banana chia oatmeal topped with granola, dried fig, raisins, and drizzled with soy nut butter.

Then we ran around like crazy doing last minute laundry, packing, popping out to vote, and throwing together some snacks for the road. Next we picked up some lunch and were off! For lunch we each got a chicken sandwich from California Sandwiches, since we had heard such great things from friends. It wasn’t really what we were expecting though… instead of grilled chicken, it was breaded and fried. And they were massive sandwiches! I could only make it through 3/4 of it.

California Sandwiches

Overall, it was ok but I probably wouldn’t go there again. Fried food always gives me a stomach ache and today was no exception. That wasn’t so fun, especially since I was also freaking out from our very turbulent flight! Luckily we made it to Halifax safe and sound and found our way to the hotel in our rental car.

The hotel we stayed at was the Best Western Chocolate Lake Hotel, which I have no complaints about. It wasn’t right downtown, but if you don’t care about that, then I would recommend it!

Best Western Chocolate Lake Hotel

Best Western Chocolate Lake Hotel

After settling in, we picked up my sister and her boyfriend Gus and went to dinner at Rock Bottom Brewery.

Rock Bottom Brewery

To start my sister and I split the baked goat cheese topped with red pepper jelly served with toasted pita wedges. This was delicious – I loved the contrast of the tangy goat cheese and sweet jelly!

Rock Bottom Brewery

My entree wasn’t anything to write about though. I had the Rock Bottom Salad with grilled chicken, but the serving was small and the chicken was rubbery. I was pretty disappointed!

Rock Bottom Brewery

Afterwards we stopped by Pete’s Frootique, which is an amazing organic and specialty grocery store.

Pete's Frootique

I could have spent hours in there but we had to leave to go run some errands at Walmart for my sister. Now I’m back at the hotel and pooped. I think it’s bedtime for me!


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  1. The name Halifax always reminds me of flax seeds. Haha!I'm intrigued by the hummus with red pepper jelly. Red pepper jelly sounds.. interesting. I've seen it before but I've never tried it!

  2. Fried food always makes my tummy bad too! You are so close to me :) Why are you in Halifax?

  3. The inside of that brewery is really nice, the salad looks yummy. And what a pretty hotel room, everything looks so nice :)

  4. Good call on packing snacks- it’s always a must for me when I travel! I also carry around oats-so-simple sachets but they never seem to be used: I always manage to find a better option!

  5. Ughh fried food ALWAYS upsets my tum as well! That's greta you were flexible and ate it anyway though rather than freak out and throw a fit (not what I would have done or anything…!). Your hotel looks great!!

  6. Baked goat cheese?! That sounds so good!

  7. I love going into new grocery stores when I am traveling! I am such a loser:)

  8. I'm so jealous! Both for your traveling and for your ability to stay healthy while traveling! That is not easy!

  9. I would've been so sad if I was expecting grilled chicken and ended up with deep fried as well! I have no gall bladder, so for me eating overly greasy foods feels like the equivalent of eating a bag of rocks! (I do find I argue with myself that the occasional corn dog is *worth it* though…)I agree with Alexa, baked goat cheese sounds magnificent!

  10. I live in Halifax!! but was home in Ontario for the past week!! Diffidently love Petes and up to about a week ago I worked there!!! haha so glad you liked the city

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