21st birthday recap

Thanks for all the birthday wishes guys! I had a great weekend of celebrating with my family.

My sister and mom baked me a gorgeous birthday cake! They’re thinking of entering it into a cake contest they saw in a magazine – I say they should go for it, what do you think?

For my real birthday on Tuesday I went out for dinner with my family. Blacktree – my favourite restaurant –  is closed on Tuesdays unfortunately, so I had to come up with Plan B. I chose the Waterstreet Cooker, which I went to a few weeks ago and really enjoyed.We all started out by splitting the antipasto platter.

It was pretty good, but I thought it was a weird assortment of foods. I’ve never heard of putting cantaloupe on an antipasto platter! I really liked my main dish though – Dijon crusted halibut. The presentation was great too!

Our waiter brought me out a slice of chocolate mousse cake afterwards for my birthday, but I forgot to snap a pic before digging in! I assure you it was amazing! I split it with my family because I was feeling pretty stuffed by that point.

We finished off the evening by curling up on the couch and watching Leap Year. It was predictable, but it made me really want to visit Ireland! Anyone with me?



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  1. Well even if your birthday was a pretty "normal" day you at least got some AMAZING presents! Let me know how that choco soy butter is asap! And that cake looks seriously amazing. I say they should submit it to the contest! For my birthday my mom always makes maple salmon, couscous, and some type of veggie. Then for dessert she makes me a maple pecan oatmeal cake. Loove birthday dinners!

  2. holy cow, they did an awesome job on your cake!!! the dresses are great! :)

  3. you will love the omnivore's dilemma! happy reading.and i totally know what ur saying, my family is the same, they never go out of their way for my special day hehe.. they sort of expect me to tell them what i want and then just buy me a couple gifts.. no spontaniety at all lol

  4. what great gifts and special birthday dinner (+I'll be disappointed if that cake doesn't win a prize)I totally understand the birthday blues dilemma. My family doesn't do anything and I do not really let my friends know about it. I think once I'm feeling 100% recovered and healthy, I'll be ready to grow older, but for now it seems like time is standing still

  5. you have to try kale.. its really sweet actually.. just dont eat the stems.. those can be bitter. try to find whats called black kale or dinosaur kale.. google it.. its really adorable looking and SUPER YUMMY! i guarantee u'll like it :)

  6. Wow that cake looks amazing!! They should definitely enter the contest, it looks like something you'd pay wayyy too much for lol I'm glad your birthday was fun and I'm jealous of all your gifts for sure. I'm reading In Defense of Food right now and I love it!

  7. They should so enter that cake into the contest. It's stunning! Looks like you had a great bday!! XOXO

  8. The dresses you got are SO cute!! Love them. And awesome gifts, too – looks like you're fams got you pegged, just like mine! haha. You must tell me about in defense of food :)Glad you had a nice birthday – your mother and sister are so talented!!We've never made a huge deal out of b-days here, either. Pretty much just a normal day with a nice dinner – but that's kinda how I like it now, you know? :PHave a great night, and again – HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  9. wow that cake is incredible! glad you had a good birthday!

  10. Happy belated birthday!! I'm always a little disappointed by my birthday too, but as I've gotten older I've realized that it's how people treat you EVERYDAY that matters, not just on your "special" day. I love that blue dress-adorable! And your mom and sister are definitely talented- that looks like an expensive bakery cake!! Hope you have a wonderful day girl!!

  11. The cake is amazing!!!!If I could request anything, it would probably be a full turkey dinner.Great dresses, great books.

  12. That cake looks amazing! Did one of them go to pastry school or how does it look so good? I'm also loving the blue dresses. Hooray for summer!

  13. Looks like a great celebration. There is no harm in trying to spread the festivities out!

  14. Happy belated 21st!!I think they should enter the cake. It is stunning!Also, I love your new dresses :)

  15. Happy belated birthday! That cake is gorgeous. As you get older, birthdays get less and less exciting LOL. Sounds like you had a really great day though. And I am with you on dragging it out as long as you can ;-)

  16. Emily

    your 21st birthday? are you 21 or 24?

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