Dashing and dining

Yesterday I had another glorious run! I didn’t quite do 3 miles in 30 minutes like before, but I extended my run to 35 minutes at about 5.8 mph. I’ve been getting bored of my music lately so I watched TV instead. Watching the Tyra show makes the time go by so much faster – I love her!

I think I might have also been running faster so I could get home to this breakfast sooner. Yogurt plus fruit and granola makes for one heck of a delicious breakfast.

Yogurt, fruit, cereal

Another exciting thing about yesterday was dinner! I went to The Waterstreet Cooker with my mom and my sister for a girls night. It’s right on the lake, so we had a gorgeous view of the water. Unfortunately my photography skills are not up to par, so my picture does not do it justice!

The Waterstreet Cooker

I nibbled on a pita wedge, and then started off with the side salad of mixed greens with balsamic dressing. I forgot to take a picture of it, but it was just your standard salad. For my entree, I ordered salmon with a chili-lime ginger baste and local veggies. I went for a fish dish because I’ve heard that The Waterstreet Cooker is known for its seafood. It didn’t leave me disappointed! It was nice and rare – just the way I like it – and the sauce was a great complement to the dish.

There were a lot of other dishes on the menu that I wanted to order too, so I hope to go back soon!

The Waterstreet Cooker salmon with chili-lime ginger baste

Water Street Cooker on Urbanspoon

I finished off the night by crashing in front of a marathon of Say Yes to the Dress on TLC and was in bed by 10:30. I’m lame, I know – blame it on exhaustion from my run that morning!


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  1. Good luck on your studies! I knocked mine out this morning. I'm up super early too. My alarm during the week goes off at 4AM, so the weekend isn't much better.

  2. same here! Banannas are perfect for muffins all mushy like that

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